My Philosophy

The best user experience is one that combines relevant information with intuitive interaction and design.

My Details

Front-end web developer and graphic designer with five years experience in corporate, government, and nonprofits. I specialize in HTML, CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript, focusing on mobile-ready, UX-centric sites.

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Overview:  Two years of work, the last six months of which were all responsive dev. I worked on numerous web pages which included jQuery/JavaScript and did hundreds of html-based emails.

Environment:  Corporate, team-centric. I was with seven other developers and eight designers as well as numerous managers.

Code used:  html, css3/sass, jquery, javascript

Overview: Worked eight months helping to manage over 500 web pages for DoD. UX was a critical goal as the site supported thousands of students logging in and taking security classes. I also initiated, designed, and developed IFramed pages for their Facebook page.

Environment:  Worked with four other developers and three designers as well as video and flash producers in a corporate, team environment.

Code used:  html, css, jquery, javascript

Overview: Shrader Indus. needed a web site that could handle all the media they produce, with a clean, unique look and a splash page. I designed and developed this concept piece for them, creating all the graphics and code.

Environment:  Medium-sized company, though I worked independently.

Code used:  html, css3, jquery, javascript

Overview:  Designed and developed a fully functional concept page  for the Massachusetts National Guard Training Detachment. Worked to maximize content on a single page with a design to appeal to other Soldiers.

Environment:  Ultra professional environment, though I was the only designer/developer on the project.

Code used:  html, css, jquery, javascript

Overview:  Designed and developed a concept  wire frame sales platform that was fully functional for the client to test.

Environment:  Worked independently.

Code used:  html, css, jquery, javascript

Overview:  Improved their existing website by adding a server and php to dynamically populate the front end. Made numerous additional web and graphics updates while working on many other projects including html-based emails, print, logos, and videos.

Environment:  Worked with a team of photographers, but otherwise independently.

Code used:  html, css, jquery, javascript, php, mysql